If you want to receive ITMOS  on CD, please transfer the equivalent of US $ 15,-under the subject ‘ITMOS’ to one of the following bank accounts and send an email with your shipping address to  itmos@jakartajazz.com:

for the netherlands:

reknr:    102897867

t.n.v.:     S.Thiele

te     :     Jakarta  

for transfers in europe:

Stefan Thiele

jl Bank Raya 2, 23 G

12720 Jakarta Selatan

IBAN: NL96 RABO 0102 8978 67


or use

username: itmosfan
password: itmosfanhttp://itmosmusic.sthiele.comhttp://itmosmusic.sthiele.comshapeimage_1_link_0

for safe transactions

for indonesia:

BCA KCP Bona Indah

no. rekening: 6080211366

a.n.: A.A. Indra Purnama


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BCA KCP KSU Sejati Mulia

no. rekening: 5540331377

a.n.: Dyah Purwitasari

asia and worldwide:

Stefan Thiele

acc no.: 0753007008

Citibank Singapore

Bank Code: 7214

Branch Code: 015